Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cafe/hallway/subway/etc sketches

From the first year in school, I really forced myself to do these alot..as well as many character studies.
I use about 5 sketchbooks in a term on top of school works and 3 hours of lifedrawing 7 times a week. And it's actually 9 times now..
Anyways..ya this is the reason of my hand injury, as well as not taking too much attention to my health. But it can be avoided doing proper stretch and exercise. I've been going to Athletic Therapy Centre these days, and it's alot of help.


Eunice said...

마...마음의 소리가 보여요...

Chris Lee said...

i'm serious..the guy i drew reminded of that character. Big eyes...oh man..i'll have so much fun if i can redraw him