Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 armed humanoid creatures and a gesture

We're having so much fun in lifedrawing class.. creatures are always fun to draw. I think it's a guy thing..
Anyways, these are done in the big lifedrawing pad which is..36X24? can't remember exactly.
spent about 10~15 minutes, and....those mistakes..make me sigh. But it was design on the spot, which i only had my intuitive and visualizing skills to come up with the ideas. Hopefully that can be my excuse.
and i thought that gesture worked out quite intersting for 30 seconds
but it was very still-pose, i had to exaggerate alot

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Amanda said...

Hi Chris x)

Nice creatures! It's most definitely not a guy thing though cause I had a blast doing the creature creations too! 8)